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Please donate so we can continue our work and keep helping cats and kittens in need. Everything you give goes back to the care of our foster kitties. We don't have a shelter facility and no paid employees so nothing gets held back. Not a single penny. And please don't think you can't help if you don't have a lot to give. Every little bit helps. Even $1. If 8 people donate $1 each, that $8 buys a bottle of antibiotics for a cat who has an upper-respiratory. $5 buys a life-saving distemper vaccine. $10 buys a microchip for a cat who will find his way back to us if he ever gets lost or abandoned. Every dollar gets us closer to helping another cat in need. Please email us or include a note with your donation if you would like a receipt for tax purposes. :)


Check out all our available little furballs and have a look at our awsome calendar. All the profits from the store go right back to the medical care of our foster kitties so hang out with us for a while and have a look. We know you'll find something (or someone) you like! :)