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Welcome to Froggy's Cat Rescue!

We are a local registered 501c (3)  rescue group in Jacksonville, Fl. We don't have a shelter facility so all our rescued cats and kittens are living instead in foster homes with families. This allows us to know each individual personality and match them to the right forever family. We believe making the right match will ensure a happy permanent home. If you would like to check out our foster kitties, go to the "Our available furballs" tab.

03/26/2020 NOTICE!

Because our adoption protocol includes a home visit, in order for everyone to be safe during the pandemic, we require all adopters to wear face masks and follow social distancing in their home during the visit. Please stay safe and remember. YOU can NOT catch the COVID-19 from your pets. Yes. They can test positive for coronavirus BUT it's a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT STRAIN NOT COMMUNICABLE TO HUMANS so there is no need to panic, surrender or abandon your pets. You are perfectly safe around them and them around you. Thank you.

Our available furballs!


Check out all our available little furballs and have a look at our awsome calendar. All the profits from the store go right back to the medical care of our foster kitties so hang out with us for a while and have a look. We know you'll find something (or someone) you like! :)